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The covered summer terrace is designed for 100 seats and is perfect for weddings, corporate parties.

The Golden hall of the restaurant is made in classic gold tones of this room capacity of 40 people and it is ideal for hosting birthdays and anniversaries.

Green room of the restaurant is perfect for meeting with friends and gatherings in the family circle.

Exquisite VIP-hall is designed for only 8 people. Refined carved mahogany furniture perfectly complements the classic style. This is a good place for romantic evenings, business meetings and important negotiations at the highest level.

Restaurant “TES-Hotel” offers:

  • European and Mediterranean cuisine, fish and seafood delicacies.
  • Exquisite desserts, including the author's performance.
  • The restaurant has a Swedish line. In the off-season Swedish line or continental Breakfast (on load).
  • In SPA-bar You can enjoy fresh juices and fragrant taste of different types of natural tea. Here you will find everything you need for a healthy diet.
  • Lobby-Bar offers a wide range of cocktails, coffee and fragrant tea.

Our representatives will help you to get any additional info on how to order and organize your event.